American Nights, Plain White T’s

americannightsIt has been almost a week American Nights is accompanying me. Naturally, some songs are more likely to make me press the “repeat” button. But there isn’t any I dislike, and the album is worth listening as a whole, as a story with very different chapters. I like the fact that it is divided between Tom’s voice and Tim’s one, it contributes to this eclecticism. Every song creates a special and concrete story in my mind and that’s one of my favourite things about the Plain White T’s. No obscure lyrics, just the real life; lyrics we can relate to with a lot of very beautiful lines, my favourite one being “Now you’ll become another sad song” in Stay. About this line, I also love how it is highlighted by the music. Because, on top of it, every song is meticulously finished and, after some listenings, you can find out details like that.

American Nights is like a combination of all the other Plain White T’s albums because of its mix of music styles, but also a prolongation of the previous one, Wonders of the Younger, because some songs’ nostalgia. And, definitely, this album is also a new beginning, as it is more focused on enjoying life (which is precisely the main point of the single Pause, whose music video you can watch here), so it is less dark than its predecessor, and maybe its message is what makes me say it’s my favourite PWT’s album so far, even if it’s a tricky question… :-)

Note: among the many questions I should have asked last Sunday was: « is there a meaning behind every piece of the collage of the record sleeve? » I love it and I can’t wait to have my physical copy of the album in the hands!

  • Listen to samples of each song here
  • Buy the album on PledgeMusic (along with other great stuff) / Amazon USA / Amazon France (physical copies out on the 13th of April ; digital copies already available) / Amazon UK / iTunes
  • The story of the day I met the Plain White T’s


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